…carnal rags, the scent of renovated time…somebody’s heart…

(cross fade to abandoned figures)

©billhayward_Shout.001In silence, some stills…salts and forms that exist as possibility inside the cinematic “stick dragging/mark making” that is the film asphalt, muscle & bone.

 If you were to look back through the “thousand year windows” of the film’s fat river hotel,  witness the formative risk and play, these are the forms and sculpture that presage body, set and costume.

Beauty is no show.



Bill Hayward and Psychology Tomorrow at The High LIne Hotel for Fashion Week NYC -2014


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bad Behavior It’s an OPEN CALL!

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, photographer Bill Hayward and The High Line Hotel invite you to participate (express yourself) in a Style Extravaganza

Thursday, September 4th

5 – 9 at The High Line Hotel 

180 10th Avenue at 20th Street.


Playing and styling with paint, paper and tape, assemble a “look” for yourself. Work it, wear it, and walk it!.  Get glorious and then walk The Hotel’s garden onto Hayward’s location studio for a camera session under the lights.










It’s your heart, your art – the ultimate fashion statement

(it’s free – and we supply the paper and paint)





asphalt, muscle & bone – The Fat River Hotel – Room #31

©bill hayward


asphalt, muscle & bone – The Fat River Hotel – Room #31

©bill hayward

distances, boundaries, time stretching out…rethread  dreams…

(music out)


spacer_quarterinch I’m an object. An object dirty with blood. That creates other objects…

                                                                                                     Clarice Lispector, Agua Viva

spacer_quarterinch                                                            spacer_quarterinchNight Blood – “Only in Bed ” – (some adjustments midst life and death)


It is the best of times, it is the worst of times…

spacer_quarterinchIt is the time of fulfillment, frenzy, dragon smoke and sex.

Of love, Asphalt and astonishment


A cinema of mud and Bone


It is the time of Night Blood…


In the great elastic performance chambers of arterial Muscle, the

restless heart gathers blood unto itself,

a nocturnal nourishment sticky with stories,

desire and truth, creation and death,

a tangle of labored roots.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         There are invisibles, objects, shades and shadows, snakes and heights, a fumble of

bodies.  Random reports of gasoline angels, rust, fear and elusive paint, demons,

electric scatter and temporary soot. Vaginal salts and brackish memory, sperm and

sand. Blue dread, water, forests and –




– always out of reach.



asphalt, muscle & bone – The Fat River Hotel – Room 42

©bill hayward 2014





Night Blood – “Only in Bed”

by Bill on June 4, 2014



Lainie Love Dalby

The Museum of Emotions

by Bill on April 29, 2014

Excerpt from asphalt, muscle & bone – the museum of emotions