by Bill on October 27, 2011

Søren Kierkegaard… feared that the advent of the camera would create one single portrait of us all, obliterating the treasure of our differences. Hayward being a worldly flâneur would seem to take issue with the eminent Dane. – Richard Merkin, Vanity Fair











CauseAndYvetteNow if you think you’re just getting a book of photography, ‘Chasing Dragons’ is more than that. With quotes from various works of literature, you also get a glimpse at your new reading list, just dying to come alive, like the pictures paired along with them all. And remember, as Hayward so beautifully puts it, “It’s all about bushwhacking your own damn road, chasing the dragons of creativity, inhaling their smoke…If you’re in process, you’re alive. If you’re not, your just occupying space.”


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A silent studio tour…Tyler Gardella and Bill

“They say you can’t tell a book by its cover, except when you can.” – Jeffery Saddoris

September 19, 2015

                                      Hayward is a poet, a photographer, a painter, and perhaps a shaman who has created a fantastic body of work…  

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